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We have introduced our innovative adjustable rainwater harvesting system with patented technology for effective rainwater harvesting. Unlike traditional systems, our collector offers adjustable settings that allow you to optimize the amount of water collected as needed. The maximum collection capacity is twice that of a typical rainwater collector, ensuring an ample supply of water for multiple uses.

Designed to fit standard rectangular 2" x 3" traditional gutters, our system is constructed of heavy-duty materials for durability. You can even paint it to match your surroundings if desired. Installation is simple, but be sure to read our detailed instructions or online resources for installation guidance.

Our system includes a downspout diverter to efficiently direct rainwater while preventing clogging from leaves and debris. While it's not fully sealed to maintain functionality, it effectively manages water flow and promotes sustainable water management practices.

Embrace green living by choosing one of our regulated rainwater harvesting systems to help conserve water and reduce environmental impact!

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